2019 Walk for Parkinson

MaryE Movers


This is our 3rd year of Walking for Parkinson's.  Thanking all of you for your donations just doesn't seem to be be enough.  I really wish I could do more for each and everyone of you.  Last year I hit a milestone, 70yrs, and also got to walk with everyone.  It was wonderful. And the $5000+ that was donated was fantastic - needless to say it surpassed my expectations.  A special thank you goes out to my "Chester Girls" who not only supported me with generous donations but also came down from PA to walk with me.  A very Special thanks to my wonderful friend, Mary Ann, who has cheered me on for the past 2  walks and will be here for the third one.  I, also, would like to acknowledge my dear friend, CAROL, who passed away suddenly a few months ago.  She was instrumental in getting me to walk from the very beginning and I would like to dedicate this years "WALK" in her memory.  I am sure she will be cheering me on from above. 

AS many of you know I will be riding (THANK YOU, PETE) instead of walking this year because of a foot problem.  BUt thanks to the man, DR. Chris Mason, I should be as good as new come this summer.  SO , if any of you reading this would like to join us please come to Cranes Roost in Altamonte (behind the movie at the mall) on Sat. April 6th at 8am for the demos or 9am for the walk.  

LOVE you all,   Mary

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