2019 Walk for Parkinson

John Gabe's Gang

April is Parkinson’s Awareness month, and I wanted to reach out to you, on behalf of my Dad, in regards to the 2019 Walk for Parkinson’s. Last year our team certainly exceeded all our expectations, because of you and your generous donations. This year’s walk will be on April 6th at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs, and we would love to have to you join us.

At last year’s walk we learned that The Parkinson’s Association of Central Florida would be gifting Advent Hospital $250,000, to develop a movement disorder specialty program. In the Central Florida area alone, we have approximately 20,000 people living with PD. What’s so fantastic about this specialty program is that, not only will these people have somewhere to go for treatment, but support in staying ahead of the disease. It makes me feel such immense gratitude when we, as a community, come together to spread awareness for this very important cause. We thank you for your support and consideration.

Please click "JOIN TEAM" to contribute to the Parkinson’s Association on behalf of my dad, John Gabriel.



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